If you are in the business of handling heavy materials or boxes, in warehouses or in loading docks, or anywhere else, you need a forklift. They are heavy and robust and get the job done. It is an essential investment for a business that uses machinery regularly, but forklifts can be expensive, especially if you need to put down a large amount of capital to invest in one. Financing a new forklift is easy with the help of Equipment Finance.

Why Get Financing for a Forklift?

Having the right equipment to do the job can be lifesaving and game-changing for any business. It not only increases productivity but can also improve your service delivery. This said, why consider financing a forklift? The advantages are numerous:

  • There are no upfront deposits, so you can use your money elsewhere to help your
    business grow
  • The insurance on the equipment is covered
  • You can build the maintenance costs into your monthly payments to make them more
  • You are able to swap out old equipment for the latest model so that your business
    can stay ahead of its competitors
  • You can choose your preferred suppliers for equipment
  • You get quick access to the equipment so there is minimal disruption to productivity
  • There are significant tax and VAT advantages
  • You can see to all of your business needs by financing any number of items
  • If you own your equipment, you can sell this and use the money to refinance new
  • There is a sale and leaseback option at the end of the Forklift rental contract

Why Use a Forklift for Material Handling?

Forklifts can do the work of many people in a much faster time. They are a great asset to any company in industries which handle heavy materials. If you are in the mining industry, manufacturing, logistics, recycling, or construction, and will need a forklift on a daily basis to help you get the job done.

Forklifts can access items found high up. They can move heavy materials or items from one area to another with little effort. They are fast, can move with little effort. They can also move around in very limited space as they are extremely manoeuvrable. Different forklifts have different capabilities, so you can choose the machine which best suits your needs and have it calibrated to your requirements. Forklift rental can help your business to get the right forklift.

Safety First

In any company safety should be foremost on everyone’s mind. The design and safety of the forklift has improved immensely over the years. Having a one operating within your business will ensure that your company has a safe handling and lifting procedure. This means that your staff and customers are kept safe.

Equipment Finance can offer you the best forklift financing contracts and offer monthly payments which are affordable to you and your business. You can get the new forklift you need to help
your business run more efficiently and still have money available to use elsewhere in your business. Choose Equipment Finance for your 6 needs.