We all need to work; this is a given. Whether you work regular office hours or shift work, we all also need time off to relax and recover from the stresses of work-life. Leisure time is needed so that we can stay both mentally and physically healthy. Binge-watching your favourite TV series on the couch is all very well and has its place but getting outside and enjoying physical activity in the fresh air and sunshine is what is needed to really turn off completely. Equipment Finance can help you finance all the leisure gadgets you might need or want.

Why Get Leisure Asset Finance?

Taking time out either on your own or with family and friends is the most wonderful thing. Pack the caravan, hitch up the trailer with quad bikes, bicycles, and motorbikes, and head for the ultimate escape. Whether the aforementioned items or whether a boat or jet ski, they can come at a hefty price. If you think owning these wonderful pieces of leisure equipment is out of your reach, you are mistaken. Equipment Finance will help you finance any of these pieces, helping to make your leisure dreams a reality.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of financing your leisure equipment:

  • There is no upfront investment: You will generally not have to put down a deposit as a capital investment. This means you can get your item/s without having to find money initially. You can use the money you have available to book the perfect camping or accommodation site instead.
  • Quick and Easy: By getting leisure equipment finance, you can be guaranteed that you will
    have minimal waiting time before the delivery. Get your caravan or quad bike quickly and
    easily, and start that leisure downtime as soon as possible. The family will thank you.
  • Get the Latest Leisure Equipment: There are always new items coming onto the market, and they may catch your eye. When financing leisure assets, you get to choose the brand and model you most desire so that your leisure experiences can keep your adrenaline pumping and
    your health improving.
  • Finance Multiple Items: You can see to all of your, and your family’s leisure needs by financing any number of items to keep you entertained over weekends and when on holiday.
  • Sale and Leaseback: If you own your equipment, you can sell this and use the money to refinance new equipment. There is a sale and leaseback option at the end of the contract so you can swap out old leisure equipment for the latest technology if you want.

How can Leisure Equipment help you?

Contact Equipment Finance to discuss financing your leisure equipment. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with loved ones creating memories. Children grow up so quickly, parents aren’t always going to be around, and friends change jobs and move around all over the world. Take every opportunity to spend the free time you have with the special people in your life. Make time for leisure. Choose your favourite piece of leisure equipment and talk to Equipment Finance about financing it.