You’ve done your research, your business is viable, and people believe in you and the fact that you will run it successfully. Running a business, however, is no easy job especially when it comes to getting the finances the setup costs. You need to have the right equipment in order for you to offer the best and most professional service to your customers/clients. So how do you afford it? Equipment finance is the company to go to for office equipment rental and financing.

Why Lease/Rent Office Equipment for your Business?

Whether your business is growing rapidly, or you’ve just started it, or even if your office
equipment is old and outdated, there comes a time where you may need new equipment.
There are many benefits to renting or leasing your equipment through Equipment Finance:

  • There is no upfront investment
  • You will not have to tie up money in capital investment. This means you can use your money in other ways to grow your business.
  • You are able to save on tax: Your rental/lease expenses are tax-deductible as a business
  • You can take advantage of new opportunities
  • You can reduce your business expenses by renting/leasing your equipment.
  • You can also get the most up-to-date and efficient equipment to modernise your business, which means you can be more efficient and more
  • Be competitive in the market: Keeping up with other businesses within your industry, can
    be difficult. By leasing/renting your office equipment you can make sure that you have the
    best equipment so that you can offer a better service than your competitors.
  • Quick and Easy: By renting or leasing you can be guaranteed that you will have minimal
    waiting time before delivery of your business equipment.
  • Get it quickly and easily so that your staff can get to their tasks and productivity can continue.

What is Business Equipment Renting/Leasing?

Business owners can rent office equipment that is necessary for them to run their business. Whether you need to rent specialist computers, rent software, rent a printer, lease vehicles, or finance a machine that will put you into the niche market for production, you can rent/lease these. You can also rent office furniture through our office furniture rental.

The contract is for a specific period of time, adjusted to suit your needs. When your contract ends, you can choose to return the equipment, renew the contract, and upgrade to newer equipment, or you can buy the equipment. In summary, when renting/leasing, you are entering into an agreement with the equipment owner or supplier, not actually buying the business equipment.

Other Benefits to Your Business

One of the many benefits of renting office equipment is that you can reduce your long-term
expenses. All equipment needs to be maintained to keep it running efficiently and effectively. This has to be done regularly so that there is no break in production or service. By leasing your equipment, you do not need to employ additional staff to do the maintenance. Equipment Finance can include the service costs into your contract thereby saving you the ongoing employment expenses which come with additional staff.

There are so many advantages to choosing the rental/leasing option when sourcing business equipment. Equipment Finance is the specialist when it comes to this topic, and should be your first port of call when sourcing your business equipment.