Acquiring new medical equipment can be an expensive and difficult process. Deciding on whether to buy or lease your medical equipment is not an easy decision either. Many of us prefer our own things, things which belong to us like a car or house, but with the speed at which medical technology is advancing, one needs to consider the medical equipment leasing option. Consulting with a company like Equipment Finance should be your first port of call.

Why Lease Your Medical Equipment?

In the medical world, research and technology are constantly finding new ways in which to combat disease, better ways to treat illnesses, and to perform surgery. Medical equipment is advancing all the time and medical practitioners need to keep up to date with medical science so that they can offer patients/clients the best.

In light of the above, one has to consider how long you might plan to keep a piece of equipment, or in fact, how long before it will need to be upgraded to keep up with advancement within the medical field. This is possibly the biggest motivating factor and the reason why practitioners should consider leasing medical equipment through Equipment Finance.

Advantages to Medical Equipment Rental/Leasing

  • There is no upfront investment: You have no capital investment. This means you can use
    your money in other ways within your business.
  • You can save on tax: Your lease expenses are tax-deductible as a business expense.
  • You can take advantage of new opportunities: You can reduce your business expenses by leasing your equipment. You can also get the most advanced medical equipment to make the treatment of patients most effective and successful
  • Quick and Easy: By leasing medical equipment, you can be guaranteed that you will have minimal waiting time before the delivery of your business equipment. Get it quickly and easily so that there is a minimal wait before your patients can benefit
  • Stay Ahead of the Game: You can swap out old medical equipment for the latest technology so that your business can stay ahead of your competitors, and you can treat your patients using the latest medical treatments and technology
  • Finance Multiple Items: You can see to all of your practice and business needs by financing any number of items
  • Sale and Leaseback: If you own your equipment, you can sell this and use the money to refinance new equipment. There is a sale and leaseback option at the end of the contract

Medical Equipment Financing/ Leasing Can Help Your Business!

Any piece of equipment is a depreciating asset. Leasing medical equipment can spread the cost
over a predetermined period after which you can renew or upgrade the item/s. The equipment being leased can also be a source of revenue rather than a capital expense.

When leasing your medical equipment, your business can be assured of a fixed and predictable monthly expense for the contract period. This means business cash flow will be more predictable. Leasing through Equipment Finance means you can avoid technological obsolescence. It is a practical and sensible decision to make for your business.