To help reduce their environmental impact, individuals and businesses alike, are starting to look at how they can make a difference. If you are looking at doing more than just recycling, many are considering buying solar panels to reduce your electricity consumption. At first glance it can be a rather daunting cost to cover in one installation, but Equipment Finance can assist you with your solar financing.

Why Get Solar Finance?

Besides being part of the movement to help save our beautiful blue planet, here are a few reasons why you should look into solar financing:
No Upfront Invest: By making just a small deposit you can secure the equipment needed for the installation without having to make an initial large capital investment
Saves Cashflow: You don’t have to lay out large sums to proceed with the installation so you can begin saving on your energy bills as soon as the system is installed. Getting solar finance can save your cashflow, allowing you to utilise your money in ways which will be more beneficial to growing your business.
Tax Deductible: You can reduce your tax liability by renting equipment which then becomes an equipment rental expense. Rental payments are expense items and can help reduce your businesses’ taxable income.
Allows for Better Equipment and Better Opportunity: Having the opportunity to buy solar panels at your business can create better opportunities for marketing yourself as a ‘greening company’. This means that you are a company which is working toward being green and is invested in being part of the solution to climate change, and this may be appealing to investors and clients alike.

What is Solar Finance?

Solar energy means using the light and heat which comes from the sun, and converting this into usable energy, i.e., electricity, which can be used or stored. We should all consider using solar energy for power because it is a renewable, clean, and green source of power. It not only helps to reduce your carbon footprint, which is harmful to the planet, but it also does not release toxic chemicals or any greenhouse gases, and hence is considered green.

Solar financing is a type of loan that lets you borrow to buy and install a solar panel system. There is no need to make an initial financial investment, and the amount spent on your monthly loan installations will more than likely be covered by the amount you will be saving on your monthly electricity bill.

How Solar is Helping Businesses

By upgrading to a solar power system, you are helping to the reduce the impacts of global warming problem. Switching to solar power reduces your use of coal power stations, making your business greener and more eco-friendly. By getting solar finance with Equipment finance, you not only do your bit to protect the planet, but it will also be advantageous to the potential advancement and growth of your company. Reduce energy waste, become more energy efficient, get your solar financing with the help of Equipment Finance.