No matter the business you are in, you need an infrastructure. An infrastructure that requires planning, staff, and equipment. Whether you are in the mining industry, construction, medical, IT, telecommunications, or any other industry, Equipment Finance can tailor a leasing package to help you with business equipment finance that suits your pocket. Here’s how Equipment Finance can help you to meet your business asset financing needs.

What is Technology Leasing?

When we think of leasing we generally think of leasing a house or business premises. But it also applies to business assets like electronic payment devices or point of sale systems. Leasing is a way of renting business assets that the business needs in order to operate. It can be anything from a coffee machine to IT equipment, machinery, and vehicles.

Generally, the leasing company will provide you with the required items and will also be responsible for their maintenance. All of this is included in your monthly payments, which is why your contract with the leasing company can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business or company. Leasing business assets for your company is a sensible thing to do, especially if you have limited capital to invest in some very expensive items. By leasing, you have the flexibility to decide when and if you want to upgrade your equipment and tools. Let’s look at the advantages in more detail.

Advantages of Leasing Technology for Your Business

  • Less upfront expense: The primary advantage of leasing is that you can acquire equipment and tools with the minimum initial investment if any at all. This means you will have the cash flow to use elsewhere to help your business grow.
  • Flexibility: When leasing items, it is easier to get flexible terms in your contract, versus when getting business loans which are often more rigid. This is an added advantage if you do not have credit, or if you need to negotiate longer payment terms to reduce your monthly costs. You also have added flexibility because your contract is for a specific period of time. When your contract ends, you can choose to either upgrade your items, return the equipment, buy the equipment, or renew the contract.
  • Easier to upgrade to take advantage of new opportunities: There are rapid changes happening in technology due to constant research and development in all industries. The last thing your business needs is to be stuck with obsolescent equipment like copiers, scanners and routers and be unable to keep up with competitors and/or offer your clients the best service. This applies particularly to IT and technology equipment rental. By taking advantage of technology rental, you pass the burden of old technology onto your leasing company, while you can maintain up to date with developments and advancements within your industry. This also means that you can be more efficient and more productive and offer a better service.

Whether you are looking for audio-visual equipment, access control systems or office furniture, you can tailor your contract under discussion with the staff at Equipment Finance because each business is unique. Your leasing needs should be tailored to your specific business operation and equipment needs, and this is why you should choose Equipment Finance to help you and your business get the best.