Why Rent?

When your business is expanding rapidly, or your equipment is becoming old and outdated, the common solution is to acquire more or newer equipment. However, many businesses sit with the problem that when cash flow is tight, they cannot afford to buy new equipment. Luckily, with equipment leasing, you no longer need to be stranded with old or no equipment.

Fix this problem with leasing finance or rental finance of your equipment.

Great Reasons to Consider Lease Financing Your Equipment

 No Upfront Investment

For little or no deposit, you can secure valuable equipment that is essential for your business operations by using equipment financing.

No need to tie your cash up in capital equipment purchases

Keep your funds on hand to help your cash flow and use equipment rental funding to grow your business.

Tax Savings

Equipment rental expenses are a tax deductible as a business expense. They are considered ‘off-balance sheet’. These rental expenses therefore reduce tax liability.

Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Equipment rental can increase business opportunities and reduce operating expenses. Renting a piece of equipment can create new business opportunities.

Grow your business now, by expanding or upgrading your resources. Give your team the tools to become effective and efficient. Increase overall productivity by modernising.

The same principle applies across all industries. There are many rental options available. Make use of them and build your business now.

Flexible Options

There are many factors that require todays business’ to be adaptable  to changing market conditions.

Companies can rent equipment to meet the needs of niche markets, financial fluctuations and fluctuating demand.

Business equipment leasing, is a flexible option, especially when it’s explored in a partnership with trusted equipment partners and dependable funding partners.

Get the Competitive Edge

Many companies complain that it is difficult to compete with big companies that have modern, high-quality machines.

Capital equipment financing makes it possible for you to compete with the biggest competitors in the market.

You may even be able to take your competitors ‘out of the market’ if you provide a better and more efficient service

Give your company the best advantage possible by using a commercial finance and lease.

Keep strong borrowing capacity

The banks don’t view rental expenses as a ‘liability’ on your balance sheet. These are considered an expense. The same applies to SARS.

Therefore, renting equipment will help a company maintain a low liability balance sheet and thereby improve its borrowing capacity.

Reducing Waiting and the Associated Losses

Get access to equipment quickly and easily. No lost time waiting for suitable equipment or equipment funding.

A rental agreement allows you to get the ‘tools of your trade’ to your team to execute their tasks on time and therefore reduce time and financial losses.

Avoid Long-Term Commitment

Some business owners feel anxious about the prospect of making a large, capital-equipment investment.

Renting equipment using machinery financing, is a great option for business owners concerned about their long-term obligations.

The rental option repayment period can be negotiable with our machine funders. This enables you to customize the pay back period.

Co-ordination at your Convenience

Rental is a win-win solution for businesses because equipment is maintained and serviced by experts who make it less likely that it will malfunction or fail.

The customer can always call the same experts if something goes wrong. You can rent equipment to reduce the stress and organization needed for proper maintenance, training, and scheduling.

Although everyone may value the benefits of time and stress reduction differently, many fleet managers or business owners would agree that renting equipment is better than purchasing it

Use our business equipment finance providers to get the best deal for your company.

Reduce long-term expenses

Many companies have maintenance teams and equipment consultants who are responsible for the upkeep of machines. This is essential to ensure that they work properly. Service must occur regularly to check hydraulics and fluids. Parts need to be changed and technology must be upgraded.

Leasing financing offers a solution to machinery leasing problems

It is possible to budget rental fees and service costs are more accurately using an equipment financing company.


Replace the equipment at the end of the rental term and upgrade to new assets.

Fix Equipment Costs

No more surprises with escalating costs. Enable better budgeting.

Sale and Rent Back

If any of your movable assets are fully paid for, you can refinance them and free up cash; the funder buys your equipment and you rent it back from them.

The advantage of the Sale and Leaseback option is :

  • Bring cash back into your business
  • Align cash outflows over the useful life of your assets
  • Flexible options for rental end of term
  • Manage cashflow
  • Purchase the assets at the end of the rental agreement

Also :

  • Return or replace assets
  • Continue to use existing assets
  • Get rid of redundant assets.

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